Oval: Herbst Manufacturing, Inc.
P.O. Box 67
Esparto, CA   95627


Text Box: Serving agriculture for 65 years
Text Box: Herbst “Super Dump Cart” with a Herbst “Superclean” Desticker


Farming Equipment at its Finest!!!

Herbst Mfg., Inc. is a small family-owned business which has specialized in the manufacturing of harvesting equipment since 1946.  Our Herbst “Super Clean” Destickers have been used in almonds, walnuts, pecans, and filberts throughout the United States as well as Australia ,Mexico, and South America for over 30 years.  “Super Clean” Destickers are available to fit all sizes of  Herbst “Lo-Hi” Dump Carts, including older models.

“Super Clean” Destickers are also made in sizes to fit all brands of trailers; including Flory, Weiss McNair, Jackrabbit, Jessee, Scheit, and Thomas and can be custom built to be used in virtually any application, including all types and sizes of cleaning plants.





David Herbst, President

Herbst Manufacturing, Inc.

P.O. Box 67

Esparto, CA  95627

Phone: 530-787-3460          David M. Herbst Cell : 530-383-0955

E-mail: dmherbst@netzero.com






Text Box: Herbst “Superclean” Destickers operating in a large processing facility, where over 80,000,000 pounds of almonds field run) pass annually
Text Box: A Herbst Hydraulic Weight Trailer being used in research for peanut production at the Auburn University research facility.  This trailer has its own electronic scales built into it.
Text Box: Herbst “Superclean” Desticker mounted on a Herbst Standard Dump Cart.
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